Los Poblanos Dining Series | Persian New Year

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Thursday, March 19 2020 6:00 PM 9:00 PM

As concerns continue to escalate in our current environment, we've made what we feel is the most responsible, proactive decision given the information we currently have. This event will be postponed until further notice.

Los Poblanos is proud to present a dining series like no other. Executive Chef Jonathan Perno, resident Sommelier Dylan Storment and the award-winning culinary team at Los Poblanos have carefully curated an entire year of Rio Grande Valley Cuisine dinner programming to highlight the spirit and artistry of the season. This series will also pay homage to our local ranchers, farmers, vintners, brewers and distillers who share in our culinary philosophy and understand that flavors and ingredients are as important as the environment and terroir they originate from. Join us in the La Quinta ballroom for March's Persian New Year dining event.

In honor of Nowruz, the Persian New Year celebration that begins on the spring equinox, our pastry chef Heather Guay and her husband Arman will prepare a feast highlighting favorites from Arman’s traditional family gatherings. While traveling through Iran for their traditional wedding, Arman introduced Heather to the rich Persian cuisine and its parallels to the Los Poblanos culinary model, as both recognize the importance of local, organic ingredients. Featuring authentic Persian dishes, this feast will incorporate ingredients from our own farm and several across New Mexico, including Los Poblanos saffron, Shepherd’s Lamb, local honey and Heart of the Desert pistachios. 

Not just a dinner, this evening will also provide a look into a history and culture that extends back thousands of years. A collection of items that symbolize hopes for the new year are gathered and displayed on the Haft-Seen table. Haft means seven in Farsi, a lucky number to Persians, and Seen stands for the letter S in the Farsi alphabet. Items on display, which all begin with an S in Farsi, will include wheat grass, which stands for rebirth, vinegar for patience, apples for beauty, garlic for health, wild olive for love, Samanu for affluence and sumac, which represents the sunrise. 



First Course

Khask-e-Bademjon with Naan 
eggplant dip with grilled sesame garlic flatbread

paired with Domaine Claude Branger, Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine "Le Fils des Gras Moutons"

Second Course

Ghalieh Mahi
spicy tamarind fish and herb stew
Incorporating herbs and fish into the menu speaks to the deeper significance of Nowruz, its celebration of new life and the arrival of spring.

Sabzi Polo
herb rice
A staple on the Persian New Year’s table made with layers of basmati rice, fresh herbs and a coveted crunchy crust. 

Shirazi Salad
persian cucumber, tomato, onion
Found on practically every table at every meal – herby, juicy, tart.

paired with Stekar Pinot Gris

Third Course

chicken stewed in pomegranate molasses and walnut
“One of the most elegant dishes in Persian cuisine” -Samin Nosrat

Zereshk Polo
saffron barberry rice
A very popular dish served at formal or important ceremonies.

paired with Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol Rosé

Fourth Course

lamb and yellow split pea stew
Distinctly citrusy and earthy, a flavor profile authentic to Persian food.

Zereshk Polo
saffron barberry rice
A very popular dish served at formal or important ceremonies.

Spinach Yogurt

paired with Château Musar "Jeune" Rouge


Pistachio Baklava
rosewater, pomegranate

paired with Château Haut Mayne Sauternes


Items on the menu are subject to change. The kitchen will accommodate for allergies and dietary restrictions, but cannot accommodate substitutions. Online reservations are required. All pricing inclusive of food, wine, tax and gratuity.

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Los Poblanos kindly requests that guests observe a 72 hour cancellation policy to allow for guests from the wait list to be accommodated. Refunds for cancellations made within 72 hours of the event will not be provided. 

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